Being not doing
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Being not doing

…The beauty of yoga is …anyone can do it… “So long as there is a breath, there is yoga.”

T.K.V Desikachar



Being not doing…

Earlier this month Claire and I delivered a workshop around Creativity and Connection. This day was full of curiosity and personal enquiry as to how we may wish to hold a creative space through which people can develop meaningful relationships. We unravelled our preconceptions around creativity, explored different media and drew out our goals. We moved in creative ways and made connections for ourselves as to what we may need more of in our lives in order for creativity to find its place.


Often old habits and negative experiences of creativity from our past will get in the way. A voice inside saying “I’m not a creative person because I can’t draw…” or “I struggle to find time to be creative because I’m not original enough…”


We place so many judgments upon us, it’s no wonder our natural ability for creativity is pushed to the sidelines.


What drives creativity? Curiosity…? Wonder…?


Living a creative life means getting curious about stuff and seeing what that stuff can be for us. For me I always have my camera to hand because I like to document life. I look out for light, shadow, colour and atmosphere and anything that catches my eye I will photograph it, partly because I’m curious and partly because it excites me.


What get’s in the way of creativity? Fear…? Judgement…?


If we have a bit of space around us, if we can take a step back often we will become more receptive to new or fearful ideas. Afterall it’s generally fear that is holding us back. So let’s set it aside …at least for a short while.


Integral Workshop with Claire Bradshaw at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA).

Integral Workshop with Claire Bradshaw at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA).


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