Snowdonia – an early morning adventure
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Snowdonia – an early morning adventure


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Participation in Life – A sunrise hike up to the Snowdon summit

Under the canopy of the start-lit sky,

dark and steady,



And then, a light breaks through,

dark turns into violet.


It mesmerises as light slowly gathers on the horizon.


Venturing towards the summit with minutes to spare,

we played, we gazed and we sat



As the sun rose

casting its warm, golden hues across the landscape.


Friendly and enticing,

unaffected by anything.


Simply being …


It is breathtaking,



We leave feeling open and receptive,

connected and spacious.


To be present.

To remain.



Arising in its full glory,

Stable and yet easeful,

Peaceful and powerful.


Participation in life.