Top 10 poses for beginners
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Top 10 poses for beginners

Yoga – To Yoke, unite… to become whole.
Body – breath – mind.

The yoga postures and ideas in this article are presented to you as a form of moving meditation.

Whether in movement or stillness yoga is designed to invoke a certain quality or shift in focus.

Linking the movement to our breath taps into our internal rhythm and opens up a connection between what is happening on the outside with sensations occurring on the inside. As the breath slows and becomes steady, so too do we, in return we begin to notice a sense of greater inner balance both energetically and emotionally.

Enjoy the practice with a sense of exploration and curiosity and discover new insights about yourself as you begin to move in new and inviting ways.

There is no rush …In our lives we move quickly from one place to another, from one conversation or social media feed to the next, so, slow down a little and make space for new and positive shifts to occur. As you more through the following postures please do so with a dose of self-care and inquiry. In any yoga practice always acknowledge your own capabilities, within a range of movement that feels beneficial for you.



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1.Tadasana – Mountain pose


2. Ardha Utkatasana – Chair pose


3. Uttanasana – Standing forward fold


4. Virabhadrasana 1 – Warrior 1


5. Vajrasana variation – Upright kneeling posture


6. Bhujanghasana – Cobra


7. Chakravakasana – Cat posture


8. Urdhva Prasarita Padasana – Upward raised legs


9. Jatthara Privrtti – Revolved lying twist


10. Apanasana – Wind-release pose


Finally… Savasana – Corpse pose