Yoga for Active Lifestyles with Helen Roscoe
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Yoga for Active Lifestyles with Helen Roscoe

An experiential 3 hour workshop for people who love being active!


Supported by Bamboo Clothing.



Whether through running, cycling, yoga or a regular workout program, active people often have strong but tight muscles and are discovering new ways of finding a greater overall balance in their approach to participating in their chosen activity.


Through Yoga we consider:


  • Our overall stability and mobility
  • Physical and emotional focus
  • The co-ordination of breath and movement
  • Spatial awareness and balance
  • Positive movement patterns and injury prevention
  • The importance of rest and relaxation


Through a series of mindful movements and breath-powered practices, self-reflection and guided relaxation you will develop the tools for self-care and appreciation whilst being in a non-competitive space. This workshop will also cover some Yoga philosophy in relation to our active lifestyles both on an off the mat.


You don’t need to have practiced yoga before attending this workshop. Simply come with an open mind, plenty of water, switch off your devices and step-counters and wear comfortable clothing that enables you to move freely.


Helen began teaching yoga in 2015 and has been a professional photographer since 2007. Her background in the arts and as a full-time, international athlete means she has a unique take on movement and creativity. She is excited to be exploring yoga for active people as a way of offering alternative approaches to movement and relaxation, which will go on to enhance people’s participation in sport, whatever they choose to do.


Who is this workshop for?


This will be useful for you if you live a generally active lifestyle, which could include running, cycling, climbing, yoga, dance and hill-walking amongst so many other approaches. This workshop is not an attempt to specifically target any one form of activity or fitness level, body type or gender, rather look at the broader picture of our movement patterns whilst enouraging a greater sense of over-all well-being and slowing our pace down.


Light refreshments and support materials will be provided along with some Bamboo goodies for you to take home!


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