What is an active lifestyle?
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What is an active lifestyle?

An active lifestyle covers so many varying levels and forms of activity. From running to work, taking part in your local park run or training for a 10km, running alone offers us so many options in terms of our approach. And this is just running!


Perhaps you enjoy hiking or biking through this wonderful countryside we surround ourselves with, or maybe you prefer to take regular work-out classes at your local gym. Whatever it may be we take part in various forms of exercise and activity in order to explore and improve our very own health and well-being whilst giving ourselves challenges and goals along the way.


Throughout all of this is a need for us to find or strike a balance between the overall effort and ease in the approach to our active lifestyles. One way that I believe offers us the opportunity to do just that is through a considered yoga practice.


I live an active lifestyle. I used to be a lot more active and competed for over a decade as a track and field athlete for Great Britain. The training was intense and the competitions meant I thrived off adrenaline and experienced extreme highs and lows. Back then I didn’t have the tools to take it all on. whilst I had the right team behind me I think there was something lacking in terms of my emotional capacity to be able to handle the pressure and the persistent training meant my body didn’t cope very well with the stresses and strains that came with it.



Since then I’ve moved away from the competitive arena but I still love to feel active and well. I enjoy feeling my strength and relish an opportunity to be out in the hills exploring the landscape as I run. I am also a keen swimmer and have recently joined a masters swimming squad. Since I stopped taking my active life so seriously I’ve developed a deep relationship with yoga. This hasn’t come on it’s own, I went to my first yoga class with Zoë in 2007 and have practised yoga with her ever since. Whilst I don’t attend group classes anymore, my yoga looks a little different from what it used to. I practice according to what I feel I need and it is through my participation in workshops and retreats with Yoga as well as other teachers who have also inspired me along the way that I finally feel as though I am striking a balance in my active lifestyle. I need to really, I have two young children who take up a lot of energy, I’m a professional photographer and now I teach yoga 2 evenings a week.


“It means taking a break in your busy active lifestyle to take a considered movement based practice.”


I guess what I’m trying to say is that in our lives we rarely give ourselves enough time to consider what it is we are doing and often we move through life without stopping to take a breath. Yoga provides us with an opportunity to do just that. To slow down, breathe and take note. If we combine this with helpful movement patterns and breath-focused practices then we start to re-discover ourselves in new and exciting ways. You’ll only be able to explore this if you try it, and trying it means taking a break in your busy active lifestyle to take a considered movement based practice.


“It doesn’t necessarily need to be yoga, it’s just that this is what I am offering.”


Join me for my Yoga for active lifestyles workshops taking pace in October. It doesn’t make sense for you to do both because there will be repetition across the sessions, however I do like to gain insights as to what the group hope to achieve by participating and so this may vary from one week to the next depending on the group.


On the 5th October in Manchester I will be hosting the first workshop that morning at Manchester Yoga Central in the Victoria Warehouse.


A little closer to home I’ll be teaching the second workshop on the afternoon of the 13th October at the beautiful location of Reuben’s Retreat in Glossop.


Both venues will offer different environments for us to practice within, from urban industrial to rural parklife and we will use the spaces accordingly to explore the practices on offer.


This workshop is being brought to you with the support of Bamboo Clothing and tickets are now available.


I look forward to sharing more with you soon.

H x