So, what’s the difference?
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So, what’s the difference?

Many people have been asking me the question, what will be different between your yoga for an active lifestyle workshop compared to a general class or workshop? So, I started to think, perhaps it may be useful to write a few things down.


What will be similar?


Me…and my approach to yoga is one of personal inquiry and intuition. It is through my own experiences as a former athlete and now yoga practitioner that I have found yoga to provide me with an opportunity to get into my body and out of my head. My aim is to provide you with space and time to move consciously with the breath and to guide you towards stillness within a safe, inclusive and non-competitive environment. Much of the workshop will carry forth many of my base-line principles as a yoga teacher with a few added ingredients.


The workshop will be experiential…what does this mean? 


As a general tule most of my classes are taught experientially.


We start with the now experience in terms of what you feel physically and emotionally in that moment as you arrive on your yoga mat through to connecting to the feeling of the breath in your body, finding its place within you and further connecting your breath to your movement. It becomes a form of moving meditation, and a certain level of care and awareness is developed as a result.


Throughout the workshop we will have space and time to explore new movement patterns both dynamic and static which may go on to support your body alongside your participation in exercise or activity.


Switch from doing and thinking towards feeling and being …


I am there as a guide in the workshop to suggest movement and stillness but for YOU to feel what is useful or not from one moment to the next. Therefore it is important that you tune into your body and really listen to the insights it provides you with during and in between each movement and during and after each moment of stillness. Through descriptive language and offering varying levels of inquiry you should begin to build a certain level of care and intuition, so that you can begin to recognise what is helpful, and what is not.



Connect breath to movement


A conscious breath has the ability to slow you right down, and as a result can impact upon the activities of the mind. As you begin to notice your levels of stress or excitement rise, choose a conscious breath that will bring you back into the present moment and soothe your central nervous system. We will focus on various breathing techniques that may be useful when it comes to dealing with day to day stress as well as preparation for any major events – sporting or not!


Injury prevention


We will address common injury prevention strategies and target specific muscle groups looking at overall mobility and stability for these areas. Learn to manage your body by moving away from negative movement patterns towards more useful ones.


Try new things


Yoga for most of us helps us to move in new ways, and when we slow it right down we can really begin to learn about ourselves too. I hope to use each space uniquely including the walls and, if you’re up for it some partnering work too.


Learn to let go and reset


For most of us this tends to be the hardest part. Letting go into that vast place of stillness. Once we’re there though we never want to leave. I will teach a guided meditation and relaxation towards the end of the class, allowing time for you to absorb the effects of the practice in its entirety and for you to feel the benefits of learning to let go.


Once we do this a few times, it just keeps getting easier and easier.

If you are new to working with me, this should give you a clearer insight into what to expect, and if you have practised with me before and are curious as to what may be different and what may be similar then hopefully this has also answered a few questions for you too.


A reminder …


On the 5th October in Manchester I will be hosting the first workshop that morning at Manchester Yoga Central in the Victoria Warehouse.


A little closer to home I’ll be teaching the second workshop on the afternoon of the 13th October at the beautiful location of Reuben’s Retreat in Glossop.


This workshop is being brought to you with the support of Bamboo Clothing and tickets are now available.


Thanks for tuning in,

H x