Yoga and Sound Rejuvenator
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Yoga and Sound Rejuvenator

“Every cell within our body is a sound resonator. Various systems in the body will respond to sound vibrations. We have a capability of resonating or responding to all sound vibration – positive and negative. We need to be alert to sounds around us and to strengthen our energies.” Ted Andrews


On the 25th January join musician Pauline Briscoe and myself at the Magdelene centre in Broadbottom where we will combine yoga and sound for a truly nourishing and rejuvenating event.

As we move towards 2020 we will inevitably begin to explore new beginnings and review the year that has passed. It takes time and space for us to consider what is important to us moving forward and what can be set aside as we turn a new chapter once again. So why not provide yourself with the time and space to do just that?


Relax and listen to your own personal soundscape journey. 


Explore the subtle qualities of yoga and the profound relaxation of sound. The practice will include yoga in its restorative form, made accessible through body and breath work, a  transformative soundscape presented by Pauline followed by a candle-lit meditation to bring a close to the evening. We will then provide light refreshments and an opportunity for you to reflect upon your experience. This night will be a charitable event where we will be raising funds for Broadbottom Preschool, where my daughter Martha currently attends.


How this collaboration came about: 

For many years I played the piano as a child up until the age of 15, but I didn’t enjoy it. I wasn’t inspired and I felt as though I was constantly going through the motions and developed a very negative relationship to the piano and practice. In fact I would very nearly say that I hated it. It didn’t come from a place of love or compassion, rather I felt forced to do it for so many years. I decided to come back to it earlier this year because something inside of me was curious once more. Through Pauline’s nurturing approach I feel like I’ve been able to get  back to playing far more easily than I ever expected to and I love that it has created a new path in my life that up until now was very much a dead end.


Learning to play the piano again has reconnected me to my inner child and provided a new opening in my life. For so long I feel like I have been in my yoga bubble (which I must say is a very nice place to be) but in taking myself into a different sphere of personal inquiry I can say that playing the piano is another form of yoga for me. There is a level of focus that arises as a result of playing and I feel much freer and lighter in my body and mind when I have practiced. Along with photography and yoga I now feel as though I can explore music further as a means towards expressing myself creatively. I hope that you too will be sparked by something magical as Pauline introduces you to her wonderful world of sound, healing and creativity.


Why sound? 

“Sound can be directed to restore the imbalance of the body back to its normal parameters. Allow the rhythmic and musical vibrational sounds to flow over and into your body.” Pauline Briscoe


Sound is a wonderful way to minimise the distraction of the mind. It is a powerful tool with a vibrational quality which transcends the mind. If we work with sound in a therapeutic way it can go on to be deeply healing and transformational. The beautiful soundscape will be presented to you through a selection of musical instruments, tones, forms and voice and will provide you with space and time for you to relax at a profound level. As your body relaxes, and your natural balance is restored, space is created for insights to arise.


The vibrations from a sound bath session can be extremely powerful, often people can find resolution for any emotional difficulties or concern and you may find a deep sense of arrival or awakening in your body and mind state.


Expect to move in comforting and creative ways in preparation for your relaxation so please ensure that you wear comfortable clothing and bring layers for the soundscape. In this part of the session you will be lying down or you could sit on a chair. The room will be darkened and everything will be in place for a peaceful session.

We really hope you can join us for this unique charitable event. Many thanks!


When? 25th January 2020

Where? Magdelene Centre, Broadbottom

When? 5.30-.7.30pm

Cost? Pay what you can: pay in advance or bring a cash donation on the night £5/£10 or £15.

What you need to bring:

Wear comfortable, warm clothing and please provide yourself with a pillow and a blanket. Yoga mats and light refreshments will be provided.


Contact Helen to confirm your place.