Everyone loves a challenge
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Everyone loves a challenge

Everyone loves a challenge, from the little things to the proverbial inconceivable mountain to climb, there’s a real sense of satisfaction once you have completed something.


Get out there! – Guest post written by Dave.


Running. Love it or loath it, is something everyone has done at some point in their lives. Running, gives me a sense of freedom to explore, a chance to have a sense of fitness and wellbeing and also the challenge of actually getting your running gear on and heading out into the world.


As we approach winter, this can in itself become the main challenge, actually getting changed, laced up and ready to hit the roads and trails. Having something warm and functional is the key and after test driving Bamboo Clothings latest range of Bamboo training gear, I’m in very capable company.


On a frosty Saturday morning in November, my challenge was to get to my local Parkrun and complete the 5k mass participation run. With sub-zero temperatures and lots of mud it was tough work, which culminated with a disappointing finish time. However, I was not disappointed with my clothing choice.


Ample warmth was provided, moisture wicked away rapidly (even from my very wet feet!) and I was able to run comfortably over the challenging terrain. A big thumbs up from me.


So, this challenge, completed. On to the next one…


Dave (Helen’s partner in crime, life and running) x


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Photo’s by roscoerutter.com.