Review: Bamboo clothing
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Review: Bamboo clothing

I’ve really loved collaborating with Bamboo clothing over the last 12 months. Dave and I tried and tested their outdoor clothing as we took ourselves off into the early hours of the morning to the Mount Snowdon summit on a breath-taking sunrise hike and between us we’ve ran, hiked some more and I’ve practiced and taught yoga in my classes and workshops throughout the seasons.


Now that the Bamboo sales are in full swing it’s about time I got my review out there before Spring Summer comes our way and you can get yourselves a few end of season bargains!


I’ve always been a fan of the high-waisted, full length enduro, deep waistband leggings. They are warm, hugging and flattering in shape and fit, although I wouldn’t recommend the full-length for petite sizes, you’d be better off going for the 3/4 crop.


When this pair of leggings arrived in the post I have to say I smiled…a lot! The print is bold (almost a little too bold for me) and my inner critic raised its voice “What if someone sees me…? I don’t want to be this visible…!” Well so what? Does it really matter if anyone does see me wearing a fun, colourful print? I needed to let go of these inhibitions and recognise that at the end of the day they are just a pair of leggings and if these leggings brought a smile to my face, they will most definitely do the same for others.


And so, on a dull, rainy day I wore them to teach yoga at my local village class and I actually said to my clients “I just wanted to brighten the day up a little.” The truth is I didn’t need to justify why I chose to wear a certain print, but I felt like I had to, because it felt very unlike me to wear something so striking. In response, people smiled, I smiled, and since then I have worn them more and more and now I feel really good and happy in myself when I wear them! A tropical print has gone on to empower me! There I said it!



If I’m wearing a colourful print such as this one I much prefer to piece it with darker tones, and my favourite combination has been to pair the leggings with the easy drop armhole bamboo sports top in deep emerald. It compliments the leggings perfectly in terms of providing a more dulcet tone and flowing fabric. This flattering vest is ultralight and breathable too, I’ve worn it mainly whilst teaching yoga but I also wore it on holiday with a pair of casual shorts whilst at the beach. Piece the two items together with the scoop back crop top in chalky aqua and I think we have a gorgeous combination of something bold, flattering and light, colourful and fun.



I’d also like to give a shout out to two more of my favourite Bamboo items that have stood the test of time this season. The short sleeve Bamboo flow top in blue botanic print and the seamless Bamboo crop top in rich navy.


The flow top has made it into so may parts of my wardrobe, I’ve worn it whilst practicing and teaching yoga, on holiday with shorts, with leggings at the zoo and with jeans! When I first wore it to teach a class many of my clients commented on how beautiful the print and fit looked. And as a result two of them went on to purchase some BAM items for themselves! The botanic print is no longer available but they have a few other options for the colours in this fit. See link below.


The seamless bamboo crop top is just gorgeous too. I’ve loved the feel of it against my skin, it fits down past the ribcage and so provides mega warmth around the middle of the body and I’ve loved the snugness of this extra layer of softness and warmth against my skin. I think this is the perfect crop top for a movement-based practice. Nothing too intense on the movement side of things because it isn’t meant to be a supportive sports bra unlike the scoop back crop top, which for me works really well for a higher intensity workout. The seamless range however really compliments that easy going person who is looking for support with free movement. It’s a gem!



Apart from the seamless crop top you can now find all of these items in the sales, so act quickly before they run out of stock! And, allow your inner child to come through on this one, it’s fun to experiment with colour, pattern and fabric. Bamboo have so much to offer from those who are looking for something on the subtle side of life, to those who love to make a statement and for those of us in the middle who like to play around with both! Be brave!! 


If you find something that isn’t in the sale you can use the discount code HELEN15 to get 15% off!




Helen X


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