11 tips for practising yoga at home
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11 tips for practising yoga at home

Because I’m taking my classes online, I’ve decided to compile a list of practical suggestions you may wish to consider before you begin.

Online yoga classes in your home environment…

Coming into a studio or class environment is quite straight forward, there is pretty much everything you need from an equipment point of view and the room is quiet with little distraction to take you away from class. It’s easier for us to remain present when everything is put in place for us.

So, here are 11 tips you may wish to consider before you set yourself up for practising yoga at home with me:
  • Make sure you have space to move, ie swing your arms out to the sides, above you and around you
  • Ensure you practice a safe distance away from any furniture and any loose items such as lamps, ornaments etc…
  • You don’t need a yoga mat, a large towel will suffice
  • Props can include blankets, pillows or cushions and even books
  • Set yourself an alert beforehand so that you are ready for your class and allow at least 5 minutes to set up
  • If it’s an evening class, dim the lights a little and close the curtains to avoid further distraction
  • For a daytime class consider having your curtains open for natural light
  • Get cooperation from members of your household including pets so that they wont disturb you during your session 
  • If you’re not operating on a smartphone or tablet consider removing them from your practice space completely to avoid temptation
  • Wear comfortable clothing so that you can move freely
    and finally…
  • It’s pleasant to create a peaceful space wherever possible, consider flowers, essential oils, objects or pictures that lift you

I hope this has been useful. if you have any further questions or can even contribute to this list do let me know! I am sure there are many things for us to consider.

Helen x