Review: Bamboo clothing – April 2020
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Review: Bamboo clothing – April 2020

Life has changed significantly for us all over the past 2 months, we’ve all had to make massive changes and sacrifices and have had to adapt ourselves to a new way of living.

For us as a family this means we are staying very close together. We wake up in the mornings and depending on the weather will either go for a walk, waking ourselves physically and mentally as we enjoy our natural surroundings including the many local walking routes we have discovered on our door step. This is accompanied by the morning chorus, emerging flowers and warmth of the sun.

When the sun isn’t being so kind we may decide to stay in and start the day with a family workout. Either way we take some form of movement at the start of our day in order for us to bond more closely, have fun and set us up for the day ahead. Dave and I will then juggle the rest of the day with a mixture of homeschooling, our own work, yoga class preparation and food!

On this day we decided to capture a local family walk whilst testing out the latest Spring/Summer Bamboo clothing offering. We thought it may be nice to take the collection into our day to day lives and see how the clothes felt whilst we explored our local countryside with the children.

What we love about Bamboo Clothing is how much they cater for active lifestyles, from yoga wear through to running wear, base layers through warmer outer layers, which for us means we can wear their clothing across so many avenues of our lives.



I like the organic prints, the ones which feel as though a paintbrush has created them, or the ones which ooze the notion of nature and the seasons. I’m always so spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing leggings to wear because the Bamboo collection is really fun and vibrant. There is often one print which will stand out for me though and this season it is the Balance print. Perhaps it is the fine artist in me that loves the way the print falls onto the fabric and whilst I do like splashes of colour, the subtler tones appeal to me more.

“Bamboo leggings always strike the balance of effort and ease – they feel very supportive and comfortable. The perfect combination.”


As we move through towards summer I love the option of wearing a shorter legging for both yoga and running. Bamboo leggings always strike the balance of effort and ease – they feel very supportive and comfortable. The perfect combination.

On this Spring time walk I chose to layer up with the Bamboo Clothing merino hoody, which has been a saving grace for the weather we’ve been experiencing so far. On those sunny days there has been a real chill in the air first thing and the merino wool really offers that extra layer of warmth and cosiness which helps to take the chill off. I’ve worn this hoody with jeans, leggings, shorts and chino’s, I may have even worn it over a denim dress! It’s certainly a staple in my wardrobe and I love the colour too. This deep green marl colour will always appeal to me because I love Earthy tones like this, even more so as nature gathers an abundance of green around us during this time of year.


Bamboo Clothing Leggings



First and foremost the clothing is really comfortable to wear, it’s light but keeps you warm and it wicks away moisture really well. The joggers get worn regularly around the home for some ‘lounge time’, as well as out and about. As usual the items are made to last and the quality can be seen and felt.

“It feels great on the skin!”


Something as simple as the Bamboo Clothing Crew Neck T-Shirt seems to get picked out of the draw more often than not and as previously stated, it feels great on the skin! The base layer works well and as I quite often pull up the arms when I get hot, the slight elastic nature lightly grips so they don’t keep slipping down!

Not in these photos, but a quick note, as it’s unbelievably comfortable, warm and soft, the Bamboo Clothing Roam Bamboo Merino Hoody is marvellous. Highly recommended.



A note on garment care and sustainability


To look after your Bamboo clothing we feel it’s important not to wash it as often as you would say your more synthetic leisurewear. Bamboo clothing does have a tendency to shrink a little in the wash even on a 30degree cycle. To allow for your clothes to last a little longer consider hanging them up in the bathroom when you have a shower, or let them air out on the washing line on a bright, fresh day. This means that your garments won’t wear down as quickly and the colours will remain vibrant for longer than if you were to wash them after every use.  You may find is useful to read Bamboo Clothing’s garnet care and washing care guide on their website.

You can also read more on the sustainability of Bamboo Clothing by reading From Jungle to Jumper which outlines their step by step journey from where, who and how it ends up to be the item of clothing it is.

You can see more of the current collection in use during my online yoga offerings which are currently being released. Sign up to my mailing list to receive insights, practice tips and videos.


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Helen and Dave X

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