Seasonal Yoga – An Autumnal themed practice
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Seasonal Yoga – An Autumnal themed practice


As the seasons change, so to do we! Through leaf fall to the sprouting of seeds there is an abundance of metaphors upon which we can draw to inspire our practice. The Earth offers us its true sustenance as we engage, observe and learn about ourselves through taste, smell, touch and light. Slowly we are encouraged to find our own rhythm’s, as the cycle of the seasons invite us to pause and to observe, perhaps for the first time what it feels to be alive.


Set time aside to explore this hour long seasonal yoga practice as I guide you through a series of sequences integral to the breath and designed to explore our innate connection with nature and the transitions of Autumn. We explore our connections to the earth and our ability to let go and find support, so that we can move forward through the season with a renewed sense of energy and vitality, harvesting and gathering in what we need throughout.


Autumn is a time of letting go, and of receiving.


So, with each breath-in and each breath-out explore your capacity to receive from the earth through breath, energy, expansion or growth. With each breath-out invite a sense of relaxing into the positions you find yourselves in, letting go of tensions, worries or concerns along the way. This practice also adopts the use of a simple mantra; with each exhale I invite you to repeat mentally to yourself “I relax, I let go, I accept.”


Notice when you repeat the mantra silently how the body responds as you begin to relax physically, feel how the breath relaxes you so naturally and effortlessly. As this occurs, notice how you let go and then at the end of the exhalation pause a little while, be still and accept whatever arises, without judgement. Be there for a short beat before a new breath rises and brings you back to the present moment once again.


This practice was taken from my first live-streamed online yoga class having had a break over the summer from teaching, and is suitable for beginners to experienced practitioners. It aims to be gentle, flowing and calming. Ensure you have a quiet space to move freely and expansively. You will need a mat or large towel to practice on, a blanket, block or bolster for added support where needed. I hope you enjoyed taking this with me and I look forward to releasing part two of the Autumn early in October.


Thank you! Helen x

‘Yoga attuned to the seasons offers a way to heed the body, not to force it, but to lovingly attend to its intimate nature. Yoga nourishes us through simplicity, through small imperceptible movements the seasons suggest, restoring us to health…’


Monica Smith