Yoga for inner calm; a 25 minute practice
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Yoga for inner calm; a 25 minute practice

that path is you
that is why it will never tire of waiting
whether it is covered with red dust,
autumn leaves,
or icy snow,
come back to the path.
You will be like the tree of life
your leaves, trunk, branches,
and the blossoms of your soul
will be fresh and beautiful,
once you enter the practice of Earth Touching


Thich Nhat Hanh



Yoga for Energy – Pause for Winter well-being


Moving through the seasons effects us physically, energetically and emotionally. It is normal for us to feel a little dull when the nights are drawing in and the temperatures drop. It is normal for us to want to stay in bed for a little longer in the morning as the sun slowly rises later in the day. And, it is normal for us to want to hide away, almost as if we are hibernating in some way in preparation for the Spring.


This is all completely normal, and these things happen to me too! However, it is nice for us to feel our energy, to awaken ourselves out of what could be a momentary slump, or at least to have the knowledge and knowing spirit that there is something else I can do here in order to lift me out into the world a little.


Step by step


Yoga is great in this way, we can take it at our own pace. Slowing our breathing down means we begin to notice what is happening on the inside, we begin to feel more intimately connected with what’s happening in our body and in our mind. It’s like standing to attention, suddenly we become alert, aware. This can all be done lying down of course, we don’t need to stand to attention in order to be attentive. It can be done in a relaxed state too.


When we are feeling tired and lethargic it’s a good idea to listen to why this may be the case and honour our responses. If we need more rest, then this is the route we should go. If it is something more than rest then perhaps we need to do a little more digging around and potentially seek advice from a health professional. At a certain level we can do our own digging around through mindful practices such as yoga, mindful walks, creative engagement such as drawing, writing and of course meditating. Once we are engaged mindfully we can start to really tune in. The movements explored through yoga certainly help to energise and will lift us out of our energetic slump, but really that is what they’re designed to do; to awaken and energise, to calm and restore.


This way we can release any unnecessary tensions, worries or concerns and cultivate space for something more positive in feeling.


Once we have spent some time digging around, getting to know ourselves that little bit more, then we can begin to assess what we may need more or less of in our lives in order for us to feel more at ease, peaceful and joyful. It could be strength or it could be stillness, whatever you explore there will be a response for you to notice, to absorb and to feel. It is in these responses or spaces that provide us with further insight and may be just the tonic for a little lift out of our dullness towards something that is brighter or more elevated in feeling both in body, and in mind.

Before you begin you may want to re-familiarise yourself with the following practice on Breath Awareness and Ujjayi Breathing.


Yoga for Energy – a 25 minute practice


Over the coming weeks I’ll be releasing a series of shorter and longer practices designed for you to pause for winter wellbeing starting with this 25 minute practice; Yoga for Energy.


This practice is designed to be taken as a re-energising session. So, if you are feeling low in energy or would like to start your day with some healthy movement and mobility into your spine let this practice re-awaken lost connections and elevate you consciously into your day. Be mindful we are working on the knees and then onto the front of our bodies also, so ensure you have props for support and cushioning where needed. You may also like to have a cushion or a block to hand for seated work.


As always honour yourselves during this time. Listen inwardly to what you notice, tune in and take yourself into something that feels appropriate for you in each moment. This way you can really begin to learning about yourselves and know what works for you on days when you are feeling a little dull, or when you would just like to spark your imagination. I recommend you make notes upon completion based on your experience.


There is no rush, take your time and enjoy!