Mindful Monday Meditation practice; 5 minutes
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Mindful Monday Meditation practice; 5 minutes

It’s a new year, and with a new year comes possibility, potential.


Although it’s easy for us to get carried away. For us to feel a sudden surge of newness and run before we can walk. Taking it slowly and mindfully provides us with a more sustainable approach to our new intentions or goals.


My aim here is to offer you a short meditation practice which will take about 5 minutes and provide you with the headspace to think a little more clearly about which steps you may wish to take next on your goal setting journey.


I often feel clearer and more focussed even after 5 minutes of paying attention to my breathing.

5 minute meditation practice to connect with our own potential

Find a comfortable seat of choice, take support where necessary. This could be in the form of a chair, cushions or rolled up blanket.


Settle into your seat. Be aware of the ground beneath you, connect there, settle there. Be aware of the space above and around you, invite a sense of length along your spine, spaciousness from the ground up.


Place your hands over the centre of your chest.


Notice your breathing. Inhaling lightly, exhaling softly.


Invite your breath to lengthen, without force


Notice as you breathe in and your lungs fill with air, the body presses into your hands, the ribcage expands.


Notice as you breathe out and your lungs begin to empty, there is a softness, the ribcage contracts.


Breathing in an expansion is like a blossoming or opening around your heart.


Breathing out a contraction softens the space around your heart.


Inhale – a blossoming occurs

Exhale – a softening happens


This blossoming from the inside out, expands your potential, your possibility to be something, to do something positive, helpful.


This softening invites a letting go, of whatever you may be holding onto; tensions or fears.


Continue with the practice for several rounds of breath. Upon completion take your time to transition into your day.

You may wish to make a few notes based on your experience. Questions you may like to consider;


• What arose as a possibility, or potential for you?

• What were you able to let go of?

• How can you absorb the effect of this experience so that it is more useful to you?


I’d love to hear from you if you found the time to take this short meditative practice.


H x

‘Breathe it all in, love it all out’ 

Mary Oliver