Yoga for the ankles and knees
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Yoga for the ankles and knees

“It’s more than just a shape, it’s how your breathing in that shape…What is your intention whilst you’re in that shape? What is the quality of presence whilst you’re in this shape…?”


Theo Wildcroft in conversation with Jivana He-man Episode 32 Accessible Yoga Podcast


3 Yoga postures for the ankles and knees – 30 minutes


I invite you to join me for my second in a series of practices designed to explore 3 postures. In this 30 minute yoga practice we take an inquiry into the ankles and knees.


When we explore posture we’re also exploring our physical shape and expression. Notice how the ankles and knees are connected to your whole body as you go through the practice, cultivating useful ways to strengthen and support yourself through these pathways whilst deepening your breath, bodily and mental awareness.


These shorter practices help us to develop strength, support and mobility as I guide you through a journey into some of the major joint paths in the body. As always I ask that you take care of yourselves during your practice and move within a range that is useful for you. You may wish to make notes based on your experience.


Find space to move freely and have any props you may like to work with available for balancing such as a chair, table top or wall you can move towards if needed. No prior experience of yoga required. Let me know how you get on and most importantly enjoy this time and space to nurture and care for yourself!


Head to ‘Yoga for the feet’ to take the first in this ongoing series of practices and read about my personal experiences as well as my reasons for wanting to start offering these shorter, more targeted sessions.


Along with my YouTube channel you can connect with me by signing up to my mailing list, where I will keep you up to date with my ongoing class schedule as well as linking out to my blog, so you can be the first to read any new article or practice that I have launched.


I teach online every Monday morning and Wednesday evening via Zoom, you’re welcome to join me at any stage, whether you have experience of yoga or not, practices are designed to be inclusive and accessible.


Keep in touch and I look forward to reconnecting with you soon.


Helen x