Yoga for the shoulders
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Yoga for the shoulders

“Go where it feels best, where your energy flows best. Exercise your ability to sense this.”


Erich Schiffmann


Yoga for the shoulders – a short yoga practice


When I invite you to practice yoga with me, I’m inviting you to explore shapes, movements and pauses that can provide you with openings and softenings, structure and support.


Learn about yourself and the in-built mechanisms you have in place to connect to your breath, movement and your ability to slow-down. This is where the real learning happens.


Know what it is you need for your shoulders, and then for your whole body as you re-integrate what you discover for yourself during the practice.


3 Yoga postures for the shoulders – 20 minutes


I invite you to set 20 minutes aside to practice this shorter session with me and get a feel for how your shoulders are doing.


This is an area where we hold onto massive amounts of tension and in doing so naturally inhibit our ability to breathe deeply and fully. If we can release and strengthen the pathways around the shoulders, the breath will flow more easily making it deeper and fuller, and the more natural it will feel to combine our movement with our breathing. Sometimes this in itself can bring with it its own tensions, so the more relaxed and stable we can be in our body, the more accessible things will feel.


As Erich describes above; “Exercise your ability to sense this.”


Notice how the shoulders connect to your spine and into your whole body as you go through the practice. Cultivate useful ways to strengthen and support yourself through the shoulder girdle, neck and upper back whilst deepening your breath, spacial and mental awareness. This is the fourth in a series of shorter practices designed to explore 3 postures to help strengthen and support, mobilise and release major joint paths in the body.


Find space to move freely and have any props you may like to work with available for balancing such as a chair, table top or wall you can move towards if needed. No prior experience of yoga required. Let me know how you get on and most importantly enjoy this time and space to nurture and care for yourself!


There are now several practices within this 3 posture exploration series available for you on YouTube to explore. From yoga for the feet to yoga for the upper back. I am continuing with this journey at least for the time-being as it I’m really enjoying being able to target more specifically the purpose of each practice within my own learning, honing in on just three main shapes for us to explore.


Along with my YouTube channel you can connect with me on instagram by signing up to my mailing list, where I will keep you up to date with my ongoing class schedule as well as linking out to my blog, so you can be the first to read any new article or practice that I have launched.


I teach online every Monday morning and Wednesday evening via Zoom, you’re welcome to join me at any stage, whether you have experience of yoga or not, practices are designed to be inclusive and accessible.


Keep in touch and I look forward to reconnecting with you soon.


Helen x