Yoga to Inspire your Inner Spring
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Yoga to Inspire your Inner Spring

I am continually evolving.

“Each day is filled with lessons and new experiences. Each day we have the opportunity to connect with those lessons and experiences in ways that will further our growth.”


Manifest; Kelley Carboni-Woods


This practice was inspired by the coming of Spring and an enriching conversation with Kezra of Conversations Worth Having whereby we delved deep into yoga, movement, stillness and our capacity to work with nature as medicine, and as a tool towards reconnecting us with our ability to be and think creatively.


Connecting with nature and creativity


I recently had a wonderful conversation about yoga, nature and creativity with Kezra from Conversations Worth Having where we discussed in depth my background as a former athlete, my career as a photographer and creative practitioner and my reasons for wanting to become a yoga teacher. We also explored reasons why nature can help us explore our ability to be creative, and what, perhaps the main reasons are as to why people struggle to think of themselves as being ‘creative’. There’s a lot to unpack in this conversation so I suggest if you’d like to hear the full story find yourself a nice quiet spot with a cup of tea and tune in.


There are a few things I would like to say that did arise from this conversation and that feed into the practice I did a few days later for their first Soul Food Sunday session. For me I love being outdoors. It’s quite simple really, I feel at peace when I sit outdoors and tune into the sounds of nature, or equally when I am out on a hike climbing a hill, or by the sea. There is a certain openness that arises as a result and I find it easier to think more clearly, to feel a little more at ease in myself. It is a natural way to relax. I can also find this through my personal yoga practice too. There is something very soothing and reassuring that happens when I move and breathe together, I find myself relaxing into being and as a result tensions and fears can release.


I step away feeling lighter in some way. I am making space to think more clearly and this is when my creativity flows.


Now, I know this is my unique experience and for each of us there are many approaches we could take to help arrive at the same destination. But what I am pointing towards here is that for the majority of people there is a lot of tension being held onto, and unnecessary tension too. This tension is accumulative, perhaps we don’t even know it is there because we have been holding onto it for so long. The tension that we hold onto causes blockages. Blockages in our movement, our breathing and ultimately in our mind. If we can find a practice that enables us to free up some space for these blockages to be released in some way, then we are more likely to find ourselves in a position whereby we can think a little more clearly, and without judgment, more freely for ourselves. It is the judgement we hold onto and the judgment that prohibits our capacity to think or feel creatively for ourselves.


Nature is a place where our body instinctively feels calmer. We were never designed to be constrained by the four walls we often find ourselves within, and so, metaphorically we can draw upon the abundance of nature and its capacity to nurture and soothe us whenever we need to. Connecting ourselves towards nature in practice can open a space for us to think more creatively, or openly about what is possible.


For example, drawing upon the roots of a tree helps us to visualise and sense what it may feel like to connect deeply to the ground through our feet. Visualising flowers rising and blossoming from the Earth can help us re-imagine our own potential to blossom and shine. I often refer to breath and movement as wave-like, ebbing and flowing together, back and forth in a rhythm, which in turn opens a space for us to explore our own rhythms, ebbs and flows and so on.

I am continually evolving – bhāvanā – special quality for our practice.


In this practice I introduce bhāvanā as a modern form of mantra or intention to help explore our capacity to continually evolve and learn. During postures and pauses I remind you time and again of  this simple statement “I am continually evolving” as a way for us to recognise and feel that this is so. This reminder allows for a positive, felt experience as we continue to adapt and grow throughout the practice. A possibility for potential and self-inquiry always evolving, always absorbing in each breath, in each placement.


The use of mantras “can be a powerful way to shift how we view ourselves and the world around us…Each time I step on the mat to teach or practice I am using mantras to guide the practice. Off the mat, mantras help me to remain grounded in my live practice of yoga…” Kelley Carboni-Woods


As we learn how to practice mindfully and with intention we find new ways of being able to apply these philosophical lessons in real time. Let it be a reminder of your ability to create positive change, to let go of previously held judgements or fears and to connect to the natural process of your own, unique evolutionary journey. Discover for yourself your own creative flow.



I am continually evolving.


A practice for your Inner Spring – 35 minutes


This 35 minute yoga practice is designed to inspire your inner Spring, connect with nature, and to realise the potential we have within ourselves to be creative individuals.


Expect breath awareness, visualisation and creative sequencing, calming and focusing practises to help harness our energy, creativity and internal rhythms. The practice ends with a short meditation welcoming in the light of the sun.


The books I reference in the practice and in this article are;


Find space to move freely and have any props you may like to work with available for balancing such as a chair, table top or wall you can move towards if needed. No prior experience of yoga required. Always remember to take care of yourself along the way and enjoy this time and space to deepen your awareness of your own potential!


There are so many practices available now for you to explore with me on YouTube including my most recent 3 posture/shapes series.


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I teach online every Monday morning and Wednesday evening via Zoom, you’re welcome to join me at any stage, whether you have experience of yoga or not, practices are designed to be inclusive and accessible.


I’d love to hear from you if you have joined me online for any of my YouTube classes, and if you feel the urge, please do share them with anyone you feel whom would benefit.


As vibrant as Spring, as calming as the breath…




Helen x