Yoga for the lower back
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Yoga for the lower back


“Our posture can be a reflection of our current state of mind as well as our past experiences.”

Jivana Heyman


Yoga for the lower back – a short yoga practice


When I invite people to practice yoga with me, it is an invitation to explore shapes, movements and pauses that can provide a sense of opening and softening, structure and support.

The muscles in the lower back provide us with support for our spine and its healthy ranges of motion. It is a vulnerable area because of it’s connections to the pelvis, hips and lower limbs through to the mid-upper spine, neck and skull, rib-cage, shoulders and upper limbs. We’re not always aware of the forces we are putting through our body as we fold or bend forwards to pick something up for example, so it is sensible for us to keep reinforcing healthy strengthening and lengthening movements for our lower back.


Strengthening the muscles that support the spine will enable more freedom of movement around the whole body and open up space for us to breathe more freely too.


3 Yoga postures for the lower back – A 25 minute practice


This short yoga practice is designed to explore ways in which we can support, strengthen and lengthen the lower back through 3 postures/shapes.


When we explore posture we’re also exploring our physical shape and expression. Notice how the lower back and pelvis connect to your whole being as you go through the practice. Cultivate useful ways to strengthen and support yourself through the pathways of the lower spine, into the pelvis and then into your lower and upper torso, whilst deepening your breath, spacial and mental awareness.


Backbending postures such as the cobra variations taken in this practice help us to create length and space along the spine which can go onto help improve our posture and our capacity to breathe fully and expand. You may also noticeĀ an uplift in energy and potentially therefore mood.


This is the fifth in a series of shorter practices designed to explore 3 postures to help strengthen and support, mobilise and release major joint paths in the body. Find space to move freely and have any props you may like to work with available such as a blanket or cushion in order to make this an enjoyable and nourishing experience. No prior experience of yoga required.


Let me know how you get on and most importantly enjoy this time and space to nurture and care for yourself!


There are now several practices within this 3 posture exploration series available for you on YouTube to experience. From yoga for the feet to yoga for the upper back. These practices are evolving as I continue to explore and find useful ways to support ourselves through the practice of yoga.


Along with my YouTube channel you can connect with me on instagram by signing up to my mailing list, where I will keep you up to date with my ongoing class schedule as well as linking out to my blog, so you can be the first to read any new article or practice that I have launched.


I teach online every Monday morning and Wednesday evening via Zoom along with small, group classes from my home town of Marple, Manchester. You are welcome to join me at any stage, whether you have experience of yoga or not, practices are designed to be inclusive and accessible.


Keep in touch and I look forward to reconnecting with you soon.


Helen x