Bamboo Clothing Insulated Jackets: Doing outerwear differently
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Bamboo Clothing Insulated Jackets: Doing outerwear differently

And into the forest I go,
to lose my mind
and find my soul.

John Muir

Bamboo Clothing Insulated Jackets: Doing outerwear differently

If you enjoy being outdoors and love the odd bit of hiking or scrambling then it’s likely you own an insulated jacket! I do, and have been wearing it for the past 8 years. It has crossed borders, endured harsh conditions and kept me very warm and fairly dry throughout the seasons! It is has been my go to grab-a-jacket option for a day outdoors, is perfect for layering under waterproofs and nice and snug on a cold day too. In short, it’s become a very convenient and multi-use item in my outerwear collection. It is however time for an upgrade and whilst I was contemplating over what to do with my jacket next, in the build up to winter I began looking for a replacement, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I’d get the opportunity to test out Bamboo Clothing’s latest addition of outerwear in the form of the 73 Zero Insulated jacket. 

The timing of me trialing one of these jackets was perfect. I got to wear one every day for 6 days whilst we were enjoying being part of November 2021’s Kendal Mountain Festival. The weather was pretty atrocious, very wet and windy, ideal for a trial. Kendal Mountain Festival is THE home of the insulated jacket! On every street corner, in coffee shops, hiking along local trails or sat in theatre seats an insulated jacket follows! 

During these 6 days I ventured out with the friends and family of BAM as we trekked up to waterfalls, scrambled in caves and enjoyed a wild swim all with the additional comfort of the new 73 Zero Insulated jacket, which proved to be just the tonic for post-swim warmth. You can catch up with all the action from our time at KMF by watching our latest film Beyond Adventure Moments.


An Environmentally Sustainable Business

BAM have been carving their own way in the world since 2006 as a fun, environmentally sustainable business across a multitude of levels. They are for anyone who enjoys the outdoors or staying fit and healthy through to those who want to cosy up on the sofa in their pyjamas. A brand who love to have fun without draining the Earth’s resources and causing further damage to the planet! 

I’ve been an Ambassador for Bamboo Clothing since the start of 2021, and have been supporting them for many years prior to that in writing kit reviews and blogposts, providing live and pre-recorded yoga practices and sharing the wonderful world of BAM with my community. In this article I’ll be to sharing with you reviews of the 73 Zero insulated jacket from fellow Bamboo Ambassadors along with my own personal reflections, insights into BAM’s mission to be an Impact Positive brand and ways in which you may like to consider the lifespan of your own clothing and how to prevent it from ending up in landfill.  



Because I am trying to be a conscious consumer myself! The steps for me so far have been to move towards plastic-free living at home, cutting down on eating fish and meat, and I’ve been buying clothes second hand, or from eco-friendly brands like BAM.

This is also an opportunity for me to help elevate Bamboo Clothing who are, in the whole scale of things, still a small, conscious brand trying to make a big environmental difference. This is one direction of many towards a sustainable approach within the outdoors and leisure sector in making clothing that is designed to be circular and impact positive, and by re-investing their growth into technologies and engineering which have rarely been explored before. This means BAM are able to offer an alternative, ethical, and more sustainable choice for consumers, whilst honouring the greater outdoors and wellbeing of the planet, which if you are a lover of nature is the only way to go.


So sit back, relax and read on to discover more about BAM’s amazing new venture into the world of outerwear and how they are doing things differently!


A revolution in Recycling; Closing the loop

“In its simplest form, closed loop recycling is the process by which a product is used, recycled and then made into a new product – therefore not ever entering landfill.”  The Waste Management & Recycling Blog. May 2019.


The 73zero range at BAM includes insulated and waterproof jackets as well as Bamboo jeans included within the Ellen McArthur jeans redesign campaign. They are so called because at the moment 73% of fashion purchased by the consumer ends up in landfill. 

BAM’s mission is to bring that down to zero!


The 73 Zero jackets have been 2 years in the making and carry the flag for sustainable outerwear for the future. Not only are they made from 98% recycled materials but, they are the first insulated jackets to be 100% recyclable too. What’s not to celebrate here? 


The men's Rust Dawn 73 Zero Insulated Jacket


73 Zero Insulated Jacket: Features, facts and figures


A high performance, lightweight insulated jacket that is showerproof, quick drying, and no bulk.



Everyday use through to action packed adventures. Easy to layer underneath with base-layers, or double up with a waterproof over the top.


  • 100% recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Water repellent finish is PFC-free* Teflon EcoElite
  • Insulation also made from recycled polyester.

For all of the juicy details head to the 73 Zero product page and find out more about the exact materials used.

*PFC stand for per and poly-fluorinated chemicals – completely man made and is very harmful to marine life


Size range:
  • Women:  XS, S, M, L, XL   
  • Men: S, M, L, XL, XXL


What size am I? Head to BAM to find out:

Find out the size for Women’s jackets…

Find out the size for Men’s jackets…

  • Women: fitted around the waist, length to the top of the hips. 
  • Men: Looser fit around the waist, length to top of thigh.

Main Features:
  • Internal storm cuff and adjustable cord at the hem for extra fit. 
  • Inside chest pocket with carabiner clip, handy for climbers. 
  • Cosy hood with adjustable cord, handy for windy, rainy days. 
  • Synthetic insulation is a lightweight and a quicker drying alternative to down.
  • Trims, toggles and zips are easy to remove for separate recycling.


In collaboration with Project Plan B specialists in circular textile solutions, using ground-breaking technology to recapture the polyester from the jacket so that 100% can be recycled into something new! Made from a single material meaning the jacket doesn’t need to be de-constructed in order to be recycled. Polyester insulation is made from recycled plastic bottles!

Simply click here to read more about BAM’s fully recyclable insulated jackets. 



Each jacket costs £165 but use the discount code HELEN15 to pay only £140.25!


Testing out the 73 Zero Insulated Jackets with fellow Bambassadors enjoying a spot of yoga by Rydal Water



“Proving activewear can be sustainable and circular without compromising on performance one little bit.” BAM 

Helen Roscoe @helenroscoeyoga

The jackets are warm, lightweight and showerproof which for seasons in the UK are very useful features. Layer underneath with base-layers, fleeces or knitwear without feeling too bulky. Their low bulk quality means they pack down well and don’t take up too much room or weight, which is great you’re planning on heading for a day trip or more. I found the jacket to be particularly useful after wild-swims and by acting as a general wind buffer to keep out the harsher conditions.

I tried the men’s medium Rust Dawn insulated jacket at this years Kendal Mountain Festival. BAM were limited on stock levels, and I opted for a mens jacket to help keep my bottom warm, which I was very grateful for! The men’s fit on women is bigger but the adjustable hem means it can still tie more snuggly around the hips for extra warmth and fit if that is important to you.

The women’s fit in comparison nips in around the waist and offers a more feminine look, has the same features as the mens but isn’t as long. So, If you’re looking for extra length then it’s worth considering the mens range and adopting a 1 size down approach from your normal sizings. 

What I love about BAM is their quality over quantity approach. They offer a small range of colours (just 3 in total for both mens and women’s ranges) including a vibrant Honey that adds a little spark of brightness into the day, and for those who like to tone it down you can opt for slate or nordic sky. The mens ranges offer similar colours but instead of Honey and Nordic Sky, you’ll find Rust Dawn and Deep Emerald with Slate providing the neutral tones once more. 


What needs improvement? 

If I had to nitpick here, the hood is quite big, even with the draw string feature and I would like to see a longer version for the women’s range, or a more gender neutral version that doesn’t sway either way to men’s or women’s fit. I’m looking forward to seeing what the general public think!

In reflection, this is a jacket I would wear throughout the year and one that will cross over from daily use and travel to light adventuring and exploring. It is high-performance with a lifestyle edge and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these jackets permanently and spread a little more BAM love with the world. 


Enjoying Rydal Caves with the Bambassadors at this years Kendal Mountain Festival

Helen wears a medium men’s Rust Dawn 73 Zero Insulated Jacket


“The coat is a lovely fit and feels soft and warm. The subtlety and fine details, like the mini carabiner in the pocket, make this a perfect match for those people involved in an adventurous life.”

Danny Bent @danny_bent

Improvement: the hood was pretty big so the wind blew it down or it covered the eyes a little!


BAM Ambassador Danny Bent shares his thoughts on the new 73 Zero Insulated jackets

Danny wears a medium men’s slate grey 73 Zero Insulated Jacket


“This jacket has fast become a firm favourite. Although I’ve not had it long, I’ve pretty much not taken it off since I got it. It’s come on sunset scrambles, dog walks, cold swims and more! Appearance aside (I love the fit and am a massive fan of yellow), one of the things that impressed me most about the 73 Zero Jacket are its sustainability credentials and performance.”

Hetty Kingston @HettyKingston

This jacket is so much more than a good looking, practical, cosy layer – it’s tougher and warmer than expected, and most importantly of all, has been thoroughly thought through from a sustainability perspective. The fact I can wear and love this jacket – and know its fully closed loop (every element of the jacket can be recycled into another one continuously) makes me very happy.”


Hetty wears a women’s medium Honey 73 Zero Insulated Jacket


Be sure to look out our latest film Beyond Adventure Moments to hear from all the other BAM Ambassadors and their thoughts about the new jackets filmed at the Kendal Mountain Festival. 


Insulated jackets are an investment. Consider what this investment means


Pause before purchase and join the circular revolution

Bamboo Clothing have spent a lot of time and money into the engineering of these insulated jackets. In fact, before these jackets were even designed they had thought about exactly how they could be recycled. Every step of the way they have paused to make sure the jackets could be completely circular and they wanted them to be affordable too.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your current insulated jacket, firstly consider what you’ll do with the one you already have. Can you wear and repair? Can it be donated or recycled? **


Once you have that decision made for yourself, consider next; what do you want your purchase to support? The environment, small businesses etc… Then assess what’s affordable for you. Recently Dave and I purchased some amazing outerwear pieces from Ebay including waterproofs and winter jackets still in a good condition and will continue to be worn beyond their first owner, keeping the loop closed on those garments.

BAM encourage 73 Zero owners of the insulated jacket to send it back to them for recycling by completing this form out online. They will send you a return packet and pay for the cost of the postage too and your well-loved, well-worn 73 Zero jacket will then be processed by Project Plan B and find itself reborn into either another jacket or a whole other range of products.


If it is a new, insulated jacket you’re after then why not check out BAM? I reckon there are more than enough reasons here as to why you should be doing just that! 

I hope you can join me by supporting BAM’s sustainability mission, and if you find yourself with a new 73 Zero insulated jacket as a result of this article, both BAM and myself would love your feedback because these products and our combined experiences will go onto help rethink what comes next. 

If there was one thing you could take away from this article what would it be? Christmas time is one of mass consumerism and I hope this will provide you with some space and time to reflect upon how you are able to explore having fun with fashion, without compromising the planet!

**At the end of this article you will find more useful links to articles and websites that can help you make informed choices for yourselves. 


BAM discount code

Get 15% off
the 73 Zero Insulated jackets and BAM’s non-sale collection items with ‘HELEN15‘ at

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Thank you so much for being here and I would love to hear your feedback and comments in relation to this article.



Helen X


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