15 minute Creative Chair Yoga practice
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15 minute Creative Chair Yoga practice

Creative chair yoga practice; An inner smile resides within


Join me for a short 15 minutes of yoga taken with the support of a chair and exploring creative ideas around movement, breath and thought to help you feel invigorated, joyful and supported.


Description of latest Yoga practice on YouTube: Creative chair yoga


This short practice aims to honour and embody the essence of an inner smile which in turn may help with feelings of joy and an uplift in mood.


A moment with the breath


You’re invited to connect to the space of the diaphragm and experience the expansion of the inhale and the softening of the exhale.


With each inhale the diaphragm contracts and expands as the lungs fill with air, at the same time the ribcage, chest cavity and the belly also expand. With each exhale, as the lungs begin to empty, the diaphragm relaxes and the ribcage, chest cavity and belly soften (hollow, release).


If you place your hands over the base of the ribcage, where the belly meets the lower ribs, you may be able to experience the sensations of expanding and relaxing with each breath cycle.


The key is to be gentle and unforced, this way the body and mind will relax and the breath will have space to move freely.


The inner smile is a metaphor for the diaphragm expanding and softening. I invite you to connect towards the inner smile of your breath.

15 minute Yoga - Creative Chair Yoga

Exploring chair yoga can be useful for anyone, regardless of experience, but it is particularly useful for the those with limited mobility and co-ordination conditions, injury, loss of strength or dealing with fatigue, as well as for those who are ageing and experiencing problems with balance and stability, plus so much more.


It is perhaps the best prop we can use to also help spark some imagination in our own practice.


I also hope this practice inspires you to think about making space for a more accessible and inclusive approach to yoga.


You can expect a new recording every Saturday on my YouTube channel at 9.30am and even set an alert to be reminded! This particular class was recorded before Christmas and has a bit of Christmas sparkle in the foreground! But yoga isn’t set to be a trend, so I hope you enjoy the festive reminder!


As always take care of yourself during any yoga practice, you are your own teacher here, so listen to your inner voice, body, breath and mind as you explore the various changes in the practice.




Open yourself to creative workshops and immersive retreats this year in Manchester and Llanberis, Snowdonia.


If you’re inspired by this practice offering and would like to deepen your understanding of yoga I’ll be teaching along similar lines of creative thought and inquiry at my seasonal yoga immersions taking place throughout 2023.  Head to Llanberis Retreats to find out what is happening and when and let the landscape, nature and seasonal change inspire your practice and your day to day lives this year.


For workshops closer to home I’m teaching an experiential afternoon at The Life Centre North titled ‘Seasonal Transitions‘ on the 22nd April 2023 2-4.30pm. This unique session will be designed to connect towards seasonal changes and deepen the understanding of the ways in which yoga can support the changes and transitions we are facing in our daily lives.


If you’re in the Stockport area and would like to practice with me regularly, don’t forget to check out my class-schedule to see how you can practice with me in person.


Thanks for tuning in and I look forward to sharing more practice ideas with you very soon!


Helen x


A Lullaby


the breath

is round

it goes out, it comes back

it goes out, it comes back

it soothes, it heals

it is a lullaby


Sandra Sabatini; Breath, the essence of yoga