About Me
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Creativity – Yoga – Relationship – Nature – Well-being

I began teaching yoga in 2014 and have been a professional photographer since 2007. My background in the arts and as a full-time athlete means I have a unique take on movement and creativity. With an MA in photography and a keen eye on capturing life and documenting it to its fullest. My relationship to image-making and writing inspires my approach to yoga and vice versa.


As a teacher I am passionate about working with people in creative ways in order to help them move through life with more ease and greater self-awareness. My personal yoga practice provides me with a slice of contemplative space which helps me to truly nourish and explore my wholeness through ancient and modern applications of yoga and creative thought.

I find that yoga enables me to be free of not just the physical constraints in my body, but the emotional and mental one’s too. It is a lifetime of practice, study and devotion, and always offers so many incredible experiences and opportunities.


I simply love sharing yoga with others! 



I am a fully certified 200 hour Yoga teacher and am also qualified as a pregnancy yoga teacher. Much of my time learning and practising yoga has been spent with the wonderful Zoë Martin, who from a very early stage inspired me to teach. Since we have moved to Manchester I have also been exploring yoga with Jane Craggs. Both of these teachers have a wealth of experience and knowledge and offer a creative and compassionate inquiry into yoga and yoga therapy.


Along my educational path of yoga I have studied Viniyoga with Paul Harvey, Freedom Style Yoga with Erich Schiffmann and further therapeutic applications of Yoga with the Mohan family. I gained my diploma in Yoga teacher training with the Yoga Campus and more recently trained in Yoga for the menopause with Birthlight and self myso-fascial release with Myo-fascial Release UK. Since 2021 I have been teaching on the Manchester 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course and in 2023 became a lead tutor for the facilitation of this course.


I love nature and being outdoors, swimming and staying strong with my personal trainer Chris. Having spent many years racing around an athletics track I still love to feel the effort and strength that I am capable of, it means I can support my body and mental health in other ways. Alongside all of this is my devotion to my family. Becoming a parent has opened my eyes to the many possibilities life has to offer… my children have been the biggest awakening in my life to date. They remind me to laugh and play more than I could ever remember as a child, it is a real joy to watch them grow and inspire the way I also move, think and feel about myself.


You can find out more about me and my core values by heading to the following blogpost “How I live by my 5 core values.”  I also write a regular newsletter which is a great way to connect with me and be first to find out about any of my latest offerings, videos or articles. You can sign up here.

Kind, attentive & focused, Helen is a born teacher with the unique ability to listen to your needs and translate them into the perfect, bespoke yoga practice. Wonderful!