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Expect to explore yoga in creative ways with breath-work forming the foundation of the practice. Learn how to fully relax and find stillness whilst enjoying some philosophy to maintain your curiosity.

It is important to me that yoga is accessible and inclusive to anyone who may wish to start. How I teach doesn’t just focus on the physical aspect of the practice, but also the energetic, emotional and spiritual paths too.


Yoga should help us to feel connected, to our body, mind and heart. It can form a healthy and enjoyable route towards self-discovery and empowerment. This is what I hope to offer every time I teach. 



Self-discovery comes through curiosity. By connecting more deeply to our breath we are able to move towards something that is more subtle. Supporting movement patterns with the breath creates space for a moving meditation to arise. This space ultimately enables us to connect more deeply to how we feel, physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally.




After each sequence or part of the practice we offer ourselves time to observe the shifts that have occurred within us. The breath allows us to observe our response.




Then we give ourselves time to listen more inwardly based on our experience. What do we feel in this precise moment? And what has changed for me as a result? Again this happens on a multitude of levels.




Letting go can be difficult! There is often so much tension both physical and emotional that we hold on to. Take this as an opportunity to let go and breathe freely. Teach yourself how to relax, so that you can remember the feeling and revisit that place again and again.




Finally we reflect. What do I need more of? What do I need less of? In order to move through life with ease.

I started to practice yoga with Helen when I first moved to the village of Broadbottom in 2016 and have been going to her classes since. I had tried yoga before and found this is the right style for me with emphasis on breathing and movement. The philosophy behind the yoga practice also speaks to me focusing on the moment and stay positive. Helen is a lovely teacher and always ready for a chat about yoga or life in general.