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Experiential workshops pave the way for an exploration of yoga through practice and theory. Creative and insightful, workshops are an opportunity to take time for ourselves in a peaceful environment.


Through movement and breath, sound and stillness we will explore just some of the many possibilities that yoga can bring both on and off the mat.

Mura Ma Art Space

Art work in order left to right: Nan Collantine, Rachel Addis, Kate Jacob

Seasonal Transitions
The Life Centre North, Deansgate

22nd April 2023

A creative yoga workshop honouring the natural cycle of seasonal change through posture and breath work, sound, visualisation and deep stillness.


Focusing on the seasons rekindles our relationship with nature, which may slip out of awareness.” They invite us to “to dust off habits” and “introduce new insights which can enrich our practice.” Sandra Sabatini & Silvia Mori; Yoga Through the Seasons


The Spring bursts into life with an energy that is felt more physically perhaps than any of the other seasons. From seed to flower, birdsong to the buzzing of bees, life becomes more vibrant with each day. Pausing to notice these shifts in nature help us further understand the dialogue we have with our environment and the Earth.


Yoga is a quiet, contemplative practice and one that invites us to go deeper than the surface of movements and thoughts, to a space that enables us to accept and surrender towards the changes that are happening in our own lives.


In this reflective afternoon there will be time for collective thought and discussion around seasonal transition, as well as an opportunity to become curious as to which practices may help support you through the changes you are facing in life. I will interweave thematic inquiry throughout the afternoon which in turn will remind you to be gentle, compassionate, curious and creative.


No prior experience of yoga required, just an open mind as to what may be possible for you.


Please include a cotton scarf within your ‘kit-bag’, equipment will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own should you prefer. 





The Life Centre North
Great Northern
293A Deasngate
Manchester, M3 4EW

About the approach


In every yoga session Helen invites us to move and breathe in ways that are supportive and joyful, connecting to new and helpful movement patterns whilst letting go of deeply held tensions.


There is always time spent in some form of breath-work, meditation and deep stillness as well as the option to use sound and mantra. You will also have the opportunity to share and discuss your experiences as a group.


Get in touch, or find out more…


Contact Helen if you have any questions about this workshop, you can also sign up to her mailing list, read more about Helen’s approach, and practice with her on YouTube to have a greater understanding of her offerings.

I recently attended a yoga workshop with Helen. She is so calm, open and knowledgable. A true Yogi. I would highly recommend a class or workshop for anyone interested in finding out more about the amazing benefits of yoga.