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Suitable for all

Group classes in Marple, Marple Bridge and Strines. Helen holds a space through which you can explore yoga as a means to moving and breathing creatively, toward a greater sense of overall health and well-being.

Tailored sessions

Exploring a personal practice is one way for you to deepen your understanding and relationship to yoga. A personal practice can enhance your life and bring about a greater sense of support, physically and emotionally. 

Calming & nurturing

Yoga during pregnancy is a wonderful way for you to develop an awareness toward your ever-changing body whilst deepening your bond and love for your growing baby. 


Experiential workshops pave the way for an exploration of yoga through practice and theory. Creative and insightful, workshops are an opportunity to take time for ourselves in a peaceful environment.

Find out more about the class schedules offered in-person and online, in Marple, Marple Bridge and surrounding areas.

Yoga – Body, breath & mind

Small group yoga classes in Marple and Strines, pregnancy classes in Marple, Stockport. Tailored 1-to-1 classes for the individual, plus seasonal workshops and retreats in Manchester and North Wales.


Expect to explore yoga in a creative and mindful way. Learn ways to support your daily lifestyle through posture and breath-work which will not only support your range of mobility and strength, but equally help to establish greater self-awareness and comfort in being still. It is important to me that yoga is accessible and inclusive to anyone who may wish to start, whilst also including a nice fusion of ancient philosophy, creative thought and inspiration from nature.


I teach an approach that is focused around the breath, we move within it’s capabilities because it will be the first to tell you if something is too much, or not enough.


This is how we begin to learn about ourselves; connecting through movement in postures that are carefully designed and adapted to move you towards something that is more subtle.


After each sequence or part of the practice I offer time for you to observe the shifts that have occurred. The breath allows us to observe our response.


Then we give ourselves time to really tune in and deepen our own self-awareness.


What do we feel in this precise moment? Finally we reflect. What do I need more of? What do I need less of? In order to move through life with ease.